Accreditation Agency successfully represents Lithuania in international projects


       State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter – Accreditation Agency) has an extensive experience with participation in international health technology assessment (HTA) projects and successfully keeps increasing competency in this field. Representing Lithuania in EUnetHTA projects provides opportunities for Accreditation Agency to gain valuable skills regarding HTA at European level and specific knowledge of methodology and develop international partnerships.

         The delegate of Accreditation Agency has participated in EUnetHTA project “Joint Action on HTA 3” (2016-2020) face-to-face meeting of Work Package 4 group in Oslo, September 2016. There have been approximately 60 HTA experts from different European countries, including officials from European Commission.

         The primary aim of the project - to develop a sustainable model for the voluntary cooperation on HTA within and between national and regional HTA bodies in Europe. Joint action on HTA at European level leads to developing common methodology, capacity building in HTA, rational time and investment planning regarding HTA process at national level, avoiding unnecessary duplication of efforts and applying the best practices, based on highly developed Western Europe countries' experience.

         In order to achieve the main objective of the project - to continue and support European collaboration on HTA of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, health care methods, procedures and etc. -  it is planned to increase substantially the number of joint production to 80 HTA reports during the project period (2016-2020). Moreover it was decided to involve experts and patients at early stages of HTA, as patients are directly affected by HTA decisions (i.e. access to high quality, safe and effective health care services). Common methodology (methods, tools, guidelines) facilitates effective transnational production of HTA, reducing duplication of efforts, sharing results and increasing uptake of joint HTA production at national/ regional level. Representatives of European Commission emphasized EUnetHTA’s significant achievements and contribution to European cooperation for HTA. The officials have underlined the importance of continuation of the EU cooperation on HTA beyond 2020.

       “Active participation in EUnetHTA project is crucial in order not only to gain current knowledge of HTA and international experience in this specific field, but also to sustain and maintain our achievements considering cross-border HTA collaboration. We aim to apply these knowledge, skills and experience gained to our daily (routine) practice even after the end of the project (beyond 2020). Additionally this will improve access to innovative health technologies in Lithuania“, – says Nora Ribokien─Ś, director of Accreditation Agency.



Informacija atnaujinta 2017-04-03



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