Rude violation of patients’ rights leads to loss of a licence


       We are proud to have well qualified, dedicated and virtuous medical doctors, nurses, midwives and other health care professionals. Accreditation Agency is the national licensing body for health care professionals and carries out license verification and monitoring to ensure compliance with national licensing standards. Sometimes Accreditation Agency has to deal with unprofessional and disruptive behaviour by health care professionals. Gross violations of medical practice acts and patients‘ rights may lead to license restriction or loss of a license.

       Licensing of medical doctors has been started more than 18 years ago and licensing of nurses and midwifes – more than 14 years ago in Lithuania. Accreditation Agency as the national competent body for licensing health care professionals and monitoring medical practice compliance with legal acts, has already managed the cases of license cancellation or restriction. However these decisions in most cases were made not because of a gross violation of medical practice or committing two or more malpractice cases, involving medical errors (per calendar year), that caused or might have caused injury or death to the patient. There were only one or two such cases.    

       Accreditation Agency has recently started to coordinate joint action activities in cooperation with law enforcement authorities. This is a fruitful inter-institutional cooperation. As a result health care practitioners if committed gross violations of the law get their license restricted or suspended. Lately Accreditation Agency gets more and more information about the rude violations of medical practice acts and medical errors lately.

       For instance, a nurse has lost her general practice licence because of a gross violation of patients’ rights as she had showed up for work with alcohol on her breath. Accreditation Agency had to consider several exceptional cases this November, 2016. One of the cases - the Court of Appeal of Lithuania has ruled the medical doctor was guilty of rudely violated patients’ rights as tried to get illegal personal gains. The other case – the Supreme Court of Lithuanian has ruled the physician was guilty of committing fraud in health care - false issuance of sick-leave certificates. Such cases are incompatible with medical ethics and professionalism, therefore in both cases the licenses have been suspended or cancelled.

       „The profession of medicine requires professionalism, patience, self-control, diligence and dedication. This profession saves lives. We find it unpleasant to deal with the cases of licensed practitioners who have offended against the ethics of medical profession and the laws governing the practice of medicine, resulting in loss or restrictions of licenses. Let this be a lesson learned about doctor’s responsibilities to the patients. We hope this will not happen again there will be no such repetitions in our health care system", – said Nora Ribokienė, the director of the Accreditation Agency.


Informacija atnaujinta 2017-04-04



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