Accreditation agency’s path to patient safety


       State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (Accreditation Agency) at 20th anniversary conference "Our way toward a patient safety“ has presented key results, essential changes achieved and future goals for improving effectiveness of our organization and serving society.

       Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, has welcomed participants of the conference and returned to the roots of Accreditation agency also highlighting current significant role, regarding the quality assurance and quality control of healthcare services in Lithuania. In the conference participants were presented to the history of Accreditation agency, the biggest achievements in preventive activities, results of inter-institutional cooperation and future aspirations.

        Nora Ribokienė, director of Accreditation agency, has notified that preventive interventions primarily aim to reduce adverse events in healthcare. “Accreditation agency has been conducting consolidated routine inspections, carried out by experienced team of specialists in 4 departments of the agency, since 2015. Such joint actions allow to make thorough, professional and reliable inspections covering the full range of activities. Furthermore these consolidated inspections implicate rational use of human and financial resources. During the inspection activities healthcare providers are consulted and informed about the regulations related to the quality of healthcare services, licensing of health care facilities and health care professionals, monitoring and supervision activities”, – says N. Ribokienė, director of Accreditation agency.

        Specialists of Accreditation Agency are competent and highly qualified as statistics shows that the agency has won more than 90 % of court cases related to patients’ rights. Moreover in order to prevent, deter and detect improper or unlawful activities related to quality of health care and patient safety issues, Accreditation agency has a very close cooperation with local and regional authorities, pre-trial investigation institutions, courts, State Medicines Control Agency, National Health Insurance Fund, State Tax Inspectorate, State Labour Inspectorate, Police department, Customs and other institutions.

         Director of Accreditation agency N. Ribokienė has stated that it is crucial to prevent and deter improper or unlawful activities in order to assure the quality of healthcare services and patient safety. Close inter-institutional cooperation plays an important role. In cooperation with the customs Accreditation agency has conducted nearly 200 inspections during the last 3 years. These inspections resulted in detection and detention of more than 1.4 mln. unsafe medical devices.

       One of the top priorities of Accreditation agency – investigations of patient and consumer complaints and assessment of health technologies related to medical devices (HTA).  “Over 60 % of submitted complaints regarding unsafe or poor quality medical devices have been confirmed. While HTA helps identify best practices in health care, thereby enhancing safety, improving quality and saving costs. HTA is a wide-ranging analysis covering data about clinical effectiveness and patient safety. Our achievements of the past few years speak for themselves. As a result Accreditation agency plays an important role in controlling the quality and safety of healthcare services, protecting patients rights and supporting health care providers and facilities”, – says Nora Ribokienė, director of Accreditation agency.

        Accreditation agency has also organized an award ceremony for the first accreditation certificates to the facilities that successfully underwent accreditation in 2016. Overall there are 5 accredited health care organizations in Lithuania. Up to this time licensing and certification of healthcare services was exercised. The fundamental purpose of accreditation - to assure the quality of family medicine services and improve patient-oriented services, disease prevention, patient well-being and quality of life, effective communication and collaboration concerning healthcare services. First accreditation certificates have been awarded to “Antakalnio poliklinika”, “Justiniškių šeimos gydytojų kabinetas”, “Rokiškio pirminės asmens sveikatos priežiÅ«ros centras”, “Lazdynų poliklinika” and “Baltupių šeimos medicinos centras”.



       Director of Accreditation agency N. Ribokienė has also underlined that Accreditation agency is also known for public-spirited activities as a part of organizational culture. “I’m proud of Accreditation agency as a socially responsible organization. My employees have been engaged in 20 benevolent activities during the last (2016) year. For instance, we’ve participated in reforestation and orchid conservation projects, joined community-based environmental campaign, national food and blood donation campaigns, visited old age and elderly care homes, donated to Vilnius Crisis Intervention Center, Children Day Center, Vilnius Home of Infants with development delays, Vilnius primary school and animal shelters. Accreditation Agency has also implemented sport and outdoor activities. Accreditation Agency is a hard working, committed organization and eager to contribute actively to the implementation of the Government ambitious XVIIth programme”, – says Nora Ribokienė, director of Accreditation agency.

        In the conference participated representatives of European Commission, Healthcare Committee of the Parliament of Lithuania, Ministry of health, health care organizations and other officials.



Informacija atnaujinta 2017-04-06



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