Increased financing for accredited health care organizations


         Financial incentives for voluntary accreditation of family medicine services were recently introduced aiming for improvement of the quality of health care services and patient safety. The Minister of Health A. Veryga has recently signed a revised order “Concerning approval of schedule of procedures for organization and reimbursement of primary health care services and the list of primary health care services and basic rates” fixing extra financing for every enrolled patient to the primary health care facilities providing accredited family medicine services, since the 1st of January 2017. 

         State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter - Accreditation agency) has started voluntary accreditation of family medicine services on the 1st of March 2016. Up to this time licensing and certification of health care services was exercised. The license is issued for health care organizations that meet the minimum safety requirements. While accreditation exceed the minimum requirements for licensing. Accreditation is an external quality assessment and recognition that a certain health care facility meets defined accreditation standards for health care services. In other words, the safety of healthcare services is assured in both cases, however accredited facilities additionally focus on and reach the highest quality in these areas: disease prevention, patient well-being, effective communication and collaboration between health care specialists and patients.

        Overall there are 5 accredited health care organizations (polyclinics and primary health care centers) providing family medicine services both in public and private health care sectors in Lithuania: “Antakalnio poliklinika”, “Justiniški┼│ šeimos gydytoj┼│ kabinetas”, “Rokiškio pirmin─Śs asmens sveikatos prie┼żi┼źros centras”, “Lazdyn┼│ poliklinika” and “Baltupi┼│ šeimos medicinos centras”.

Nora Ribokien─Ś, director of Accreditation agency, has stated that health care facilities showed a growing interest in accreditation process. „I am pleased to notice that organizations understand the benefits of accreditation and not only show a great interest in the process but also take practical initiatives aiming for the highest quality. Although it should be acknowledged that preparation for accreditation process and maintaining continuous compliance with the accreditation standards is an extensive responsibility and commitment though with definite benefits in the long-term perspective. We hope that accredited health care organizations having reached the high level of service quality will be reluctant to descend this level and financial incentives will serve as a motivation to keep the level and continue improvements”,- says Nora Ribokien─Ś.

          Accreditation agency has already scheduled the assessment for accreditation one more health care facility – a public primary health care centre “Šven─Źioni┼│ rajono pirminis sveikatos centras“. This example illustrates that every organization providing family medicine services, irrespective of the size or location, is capable to become accredited. Moreover at least 5 health care facilities have already submitted application for accreditation this year.

           We invite health care facilities providing family medicine services and aiming for both quality and patient safety improvements, to contact Accreditation agency for more detailed information about the accreditation process. The specialists of Accreditation agency are ready to help and advice. 


Informacija atnaujinta 2017-04-10



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